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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the pleasure to introduce to your kind attention the company MCM-55 Ltd., Pernik, Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is supply of metal cutting tools and engineering consultancy for their best selection and economical usage.

MCM-55 Ltd. offers to the Bulgarian market high productive and relatively cost effective exchangeable hard alloyed steel tips and holders, product of the South Korean company KORLOY Inc., for turning and milling operations for the mechanical engineering and maintenance production.

In the detailed catalogue of KORLOY Inc., which shall be submitted to each and every client of MCM-55 Ltd., together with the pricelist of the most commonly used cutting tools, one may find the entire nomenclature of the offered products, their types and the cutting regimes applied for the different kind of machining and for each particular case, depending on the technical requirements and the grade of the machined material.

Further to that, a specialist from the company will perform trial tests on site in the manufactire shop of the client, cooperating for the selection of the cutting tool for each particular machining operation. As a result of this the cutting tool, purchased from us, will be the most suitable for your need, requirements and circumstances.

Wishing you a prosperous mutual business,

Marin Marinov, Mechanical Engineer
General Manager of MCM-55 Ltd., Pernik


Korloy Inc. Cutting Tools Digest


Information about how to contact us

GSM: +359 (887) 200 830, +359 (887) 212 900

Postal address: 28/2 Otec Paisii Str., Pernik, Bulgaria
Office: 8 Klement Gotvald Str., Iztok, Pernik, Bulgaria